Aamir Khan defeats Shahrukh Khan

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Shahrukh Khan may be the King Khan but Aamir Khan has defeated SRK once again and proved that he is the king of Bollywood and a perfectionist actor. Aamir Khan’s Ghajini has already been declared a superhit and has all the signs that it would become a blockbuster. Shahrukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was also a huge success but it was much lesser in terms of box office collections. Both the Khan’s were at loggerheads recently over who is the best actor in Bollywood and janta has decided to crown Aamir Khan as the best actor in Bollywood.

According to boxofficeindia, the Ghajini reports are as follows

The Ghajini craze continued all over India on Friday as the film collected another 11 crore adding to the 1.75 crore paid previews and 8.75 crore business on Thursday. The nett business for 2 days is an amazing 21.50 crore nett. The expectations now are for 11.50 crore on Saturday and another 13 crore on Sunday.

This would mean all the records completely torn apart as the film would have 46 crore nett business over a four day weekend when no other film has even grossed this much over the whole week. The first week looks to be heading for 60-65 crore nett business which is a mind numbing figure and simply historic.

For RNBDJ, boxofficeindia reported

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has done exceedingly well in week one with business of around 41 crore nett. The film has done well in all circuits of india though Bihar is on the lower side. Mysore is record breaking and North is very strong. The film should emerge a Superhit and it remains to be seen if it can do blockbuster business. The 8th day is steady at places with smaller centres seeing larger falls.

So Ghajini will do a much higher business than RBNDJ and is expected to become the first Indian movie to cross the 100 crore net profit. Aamir has beat Shahrukh for sure and proved that he is the best actor though I regard both of them to be very good.

Aamir Khan defeats Shahrukh Khan


22 Responses to “Aamir Khan defeats Shahrukh Khan”
  1. Rezwan says:

    Obviously Aamir is. He has the versatility and he does his job very professionally with determination.
    On the other hand, SRK also is a good actor and one of the top actor like Aamir and others. But he is making same kind of movies that make us bore. He should do some different movie like Chak de India or Don.

    For now, from my point of view, SRk is best but Aamir best of the best.

  2. KAVERI says:


    • ashish says:

      hi sweatheart…
      i think u love srk…but it doesn’t mean that he is no.1 or amir is jealous of him.
      tell me onething why amir will be jealous of him while amir’s movies are doing much more better business than those of srk’s.
      i wud like to remind you that it is srk who himself proclaims to be no.1 actor of bollywood but a true no.1 person in any field doesn’t ever proclaims himself to be no.1.

  3. Roofing insulation says:

    This news are STUPID. In the past each and every Shahrukh movie has beaten Aamir movie. Darr beaten Hum hain raee pyar ke n 1993. DDLJ beaten Rangeela in 1995. DTPH beaten Ishq in 1997. Kuch kuch hota hai beaten Ghulam in 1998.

  4. hakeem says:

    aamir is ….
    he’s the perfect actor.
    I do agree with Rezwan

    SRK is the best but AAMIR is best of the best

  5. MUKESH says:

    both r best in the business but i would give SRK upper hand as he has more hits than aamir

  6. Abhishek says:

    hey guys we don’t know who’s the best actor of bollywood…
    but can say something that srk has d highest fan following in bollywood but which aamir don’t have…
    n aamir is so proud that he don’t attend d award functions n don’t take d awards although his film is doing well at box office n liked by everybody…so y dis prodness….srk don’t do dis dis although his films r also doing well at box office…

  7. Shruti says:

    There is no doubt that aamir is the best actor as well as a perfectionist but he is the proudest person i have ever known……………one day his proudness will ruin him………so if he want to succeed in life then he should lessen his proudness…………although srk is also a great actor but he never thinks that he is superior to everyone thats why he is tha BADSHAH of bollywood…………..One thing i would like to add that i am a great fan of aamir not srk then also iam saying that because i am always with the right

    • Raaj says:

      I Think Aamir cannot feel Proud with the kind of Character he has….
      He is a Thinking guy first of all.. He always feels like what should satisfy him as an actor & what an actor should give the people(not only as audience) as an actor…
      He wants Films to move into the next level…
      We know Films can spread Truth and Entertainment(other than reality)…
      Any Actor can entertain people and SharRukh is known to be the best Entertainer in Hindi Cinema.
      But, Only few people can spread Truth in Films and To Me
      AAMIR is the Best in attempting it….

  8. sam says:

    hey guys i am not a fan of both these peoples still i support amir bcoz he is hard worker he deserves the awards so he will not attend the award functions and about srk he is man who always say i am the king khan one thing i want to tell that people should say that not himself………………………

  9. Swapnesh says:

    This news are STUPID. In the past each and every Shahrukh movie has beaten Aamir movie. Darr beaten Hum hain raee pyar ke n 1993. DDLJ beaten Rangeela in 1995. DTPH beaten Ishq in 1997. Kuch kuch hota hai beaten Ghulam in 1998

    Aamir should not be jealous
    and we should also tyr to be like him because he had prove himself by him only and not by others support os by any GODFATHER

    IF u Guys think that Aamir is good thn why would he have left her wife yaar…………

    see d clarification is front of u……………
    And see sharukh frm start to end he loves GAuri for ever ever and forever

  10. lida says:

    Shahrukh Khan is the biggst talent and the only best actor bollywood has. He is the only king of bollywood. He is also handsom and has the best personality and nobody can act like King shahrukh Khan.Amitabh Bachan was the best and now King Shahrukh Khan is the best actor of bollywood. amir is nothing compare to King Shahrukh Khan, he so boring and when people watch his movies they fall to sleep. amir is so ugly, so shot, he has the biggest ugly ear in bollywood. idiot amir is so jealous and he talks like twoo years old because King Khan is the best actor and succesful.idiot amir who do thing you are that always talks rude about our King Shahrukh Khan. amir khan is a dog, monkey with big ears and most disrespectful little man we know in bollywood. King Shahrukh Khan is the best actor of bollywood all people in India and round the world know it. Also many directors that talk about King Shahrukh Khan`s life sayed that King Shahrukh Khan is the best actor like Amitabh Bachan. Directors know all actores in bollywood and worked with them, they know who is the best therefore they sayed King Shahrukh Khan is the best actor like Amitabh Bachan. why do think directors not named monkey amir or playboy akshay kumar because they are not as good as KING SHAHRUKH KHAN.I heart monkey amir khan talked so disrespectful about our King Shahrukh Khan, who do thik you are little ugly monkey amir. I sow monkey and dog amir say he want to go to France just because he is so jealous that KING SHAHRUKH was in France and got a medal for best actor of bollywood and now monkey amir think he also will get one. Monkey amir no one know you in France and they already gav the medal to King Shahrukh Khan.grow up twoo years old amir khan and learn how to talk to people and respect them.I hate monkey, dog and big Idiot amir khan, did your parents not learn you how to talk about people.I hate monkey and idiot amir khan. we do not like amir at all and he has no talent at all, you good only for yourself and your fans not for other people. we you idiot mokey amir to have respect for our kING shahrukh Khan like he does for you. go to hell monkey amir.

  11. LIDA says:

    amir khan is a ugly money and he has no talent,he and his movies are so boring that people fall to sleep when they watch them, he can never beat our KING SHAHRKH KHAN. KING SHAHRUKH KHAN was and is the most talented and the best actor bollywood has so far, no one can replace KING SHAHRUKH KHAN`S talent.We love you KINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG SHAHRUKH KHAN.

  12. abdo says:

    moi abdalh alove charuha hkan a a laveou moi du maroc a laveo charruha hkan moi du maroc du casa hay hassni
    zanka 7 a lveo

  13. karamat says:

    Aamir khan is uncomparable.In his movies he always comes up with new messages.He is not arogant nor proudy,It is human nature.All of us are of different natures.So,please don’t compare him to monkey Shahrukh can.Who says he is good looking.I can’t stop saying that by now i am in moscow and i have watched russians watching all bollywood stars.They say Aamir is the best,So Cuteeeeeeeee!!!his movies…ultimate!!While shahrukh movies sme like those of eatly 80′s..KIKIKIKIKI KIran,Raj nam to suna hoga!!!ha ha ha!bullshit!!common guys,that never happens in real life>see rab nay bana di zhodi!!Damn impossible two characters he hs played.How can an ordinary office manager change to a franky guy and his wife doen’t recognize him!!!funny>>>>same old routine of sharukh khan…Boring and disguisting pyar and one thing i must add that he didn;t change his character as an actor.Luv u Aamir.U R THE BEST!!!

  14. Wahidullah says:

    Hello every one I hope all of your family good and find My name is Wahidullah I am From Afghanistan I live in Afghanistan I live in Mazar-e-Sharif and onething I sayed just for you for my friends the king of bollywood is shahrukh khan and aamir is good but not like badshah(Shahrukhkhan).Shahrukh khan is a good man in the bollywood I like him so much I like also aamir but not like SRK .So please dont fight thanke you my dear friends I hope you all good with your family Shahrukh Khan is the best.Bye have a nice time for all of you

    Khoda Hafiz.

  15. egit says:

    srk is good actor but aamir always play different character in each movie.
    srk always paly same chracter, but i love both of them..

  16. neina says:

    i think that sharuk is the best actor in bolywood and that was proved in all his movis , and amir khan compared to kharuk in absolutly nothing =0

  17. simran manger says:

    hey guys srk is my favoriate actor & he is gud n amir too………they both r best
    in bollywood……..I LOVE BOTH OF THEM <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  18. IAMURMOTHER says:

    actor wise i like both aamir khan and shahrukh khan, but in real life i think shahrukh khan has too much proudness. he actually named himself the badshah of bollywood, so everyone just assumed he was. aamir khan is versatile and he is kind hearted and he works really hard in his movies. and for the looks i think both are fine gentlemen and no need to call anyone ugly. so there, i made my point

  19. Sachin rai says:

    i dont think srk plays only one type of character.he is a versatile ctor.n he has shown this from movies like don,ra1,devdas

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