Chandni Chowk to China fails heavily at the box office

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Chandni Chowk to China has proved one thing for sure. Mere publicity and star power in a movie cannot result in the success of a Bollywood movie. Akshay Kumar had left no stones unturned in the publicity of his movie Chandni Chowk to China which released last week. This was the first Indian movie to be produced by Warner Bros which is one of the top Hollywood production houses. The movie had a superstar in Akshay Kumar who had delievered successive hits for the last two years and had a big upcoming actress in Deepika Padukone whose was going through a very good phase in her career. CC2C had international premieres in the likes of Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and London and there was a huge amount spent on the publicity of the movie. However, as I had mentioned in my review a few days ago the movie terribly failed to its expectations. As I told in the review it was quite pathetic with no proper story binding it. The Indian masses have also echoed my feelings (I am a part of the Indian masses too Chandni Chowk to China fails heavily at the box office ) and Chandni Chowk to China is doing far below expectations at the box office. It has not only been on a low in India but even overseas (it was released with 125 prints in the US). Indian audience worldwide has once again proved that we are all intelligent enough to judge a good film from a bad film and mere publicity cannot result in a film’s success.

According to

Chandni Chowk To China as expected has fallen heavily across the country. The business on Monday was around 2.50 crore nett for all India. The first four days plus paid previews total stands at around 23.50 crore nett.

The film looks like making total revenues of around 45-50 crore with the Indian theatrical share being in the 20-22 crore region but Warner Brothers have invested around 65 crore in the film and are likely to lose 15-20 crore in their first big venture in India.

According to, the overseas collections are as follows

Chandni Chowk To China grossed around 8.50 crore in the International markets over its first weekend. The film did 2 crore (£274,590) in United Kingdom, 3 crore in North America ($625,000) and around 3.50 crore in the other markets.

The opening was well below the huge opening taken by the last Akshay Kumar starrer Singh Is Kinng of around 14 crore.

Great job India for making Bollywood realize that a film cannot only sustain by virtue of publicity and star power. Hope that Bollywood directors would now think a hundred times before making a mindless movie.

Chandni Chowk to China fails heavily at the box office

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