Defamation case against Anil Kapoor and A R Rahman

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Anil Kapoor and A R Rahman have been getting accolades worldwide due to the performance and music in their movie Slumdog Millionaire. However, it seems that they are facing a few problems in their own country with many people opposing the film saying it has depicted the wrong face of India. I have seen the movie and I guarantee that the movie does not depict India in the wrong manner. Danny Boyle, the director of the movie is a very noble person at heart and he would never even think of degrading India or any country for that matter. But another problem has surfaced even before the movie’s release in India on January 23. Tapeshwar Vishwakarma, general secretary of Slum-dwellers Joint Action Committee, has filed a defamation case against Anil Kapoor and A R Rahman alleging that the film Slumdog Millionaire has depicted slum-dwellers in a bad taste by using the title Slumdog and thereby calling Indian dogs. He also said that he has already approached the national and state human rights commission about it. While posting the case for hearing on February 5, chief judicial magistrate Raghvendra Kumar Singh directed Vishwakarma to produce evidence in support of his complaint.

It is indeed pathetic that many Indians do not realize and notice on what context any word is used. Even before the film has released in India many people (mostly uneducated people eager for fame) started lambasting it without even seeing how India has been portrayed in the movie. But many say all kinds of controversies are good for any movie and hope it would be the same for this movie too. I wish that this brilliant movie gets its due in India too as it has around the world.

Defamation case against Anil Kapoor and A R Rahman


3 Responses to “Defamation case against Anil Kapoor and A R Rahman”
  1. binu says:

    even anybody has said india as third world dirty underbelly, i think it is correct because the film slumdog millioniare has actually showed the real life of india, i really felt depressed by the scenes of slum and struggle by the three children for there survival. this film has showed the real life of india, and i really hat off to director danny boyle though a foreginer made a true reality of indian people. the film once again indirectly reminds money craving politican and irresponsible slefish bureaucrats of india. so it is a foreginer was only able to identify india situation not a single indian

  2. binu says:

    actually anyboy who is complaining about this film should go aganist the politician, bureaucrats rather than complaining the film, which is true. i see nothing depicting india rather than a moral to all indian how their fellowbeing are. make a change rather than complaining.

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