Katrina Kaif will perform at J W Marriott on New Year’s Eve

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Katrina Kaif has emerged as one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood. She has become the highest paid actress in Bollywood and she has given consecutive superhits in the last two years. She has emerged from being an actress who did not know hindi properly to the highest paid actress in Bollywood. She has delivered superhits like Namastey London, Partner, Welcome, Singh is King and has raced ahead of other actresses. Producers are ready to offer any sum of money to her for acting in their movies and she is even regarded as a lucky charm due to her consecutive superhits. Her chemistry with Akshay Kumar has resulted in both of them becoming superstars in such a short period of time.

Katrina Kaif would be dancing and performing in the famous J W Marriott Hotel on New Year’s Eve this year. She would be paid more than one crore rupees for this performance. Last year Bipasha Basu had performed on New Year’s Eve in the same hotel while Mallika Sherawat had perfomed the year before. Designer Rocky S would take care of her costumes for this performance while Bosco-Caeser will be choreographing the act. Katrina has once again proved that she is the highest paid let it be films or in stage performances. Good going Katrina!

Katrina Kaif will perform at J W Marriott on New Years Eve

Aamir Khan’s Ghajini biceps trouble a woman

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Aamir Khan has already created a lot of hype in Bollywood with his great physique and looks in the movie Ghajini. Amir Khan is known as the perfectionist and he has yet again done a lot of hard work to build a great physique as required by the script of his forthcoming movie Ghajini. Aamir had a normal body till his last movie Taarein Zameen Par but in the first look of Ghajini his body has been admired by all. Everyone in Bollywood and in the whole of India was surprised by his great biceps and muscles which are visible in the first look of Ghajini. But Aamir must not have thought that his great biceps could create any problem for anybody. But his Ghajini biceps have actually created troubles for a lady. There was temporary tattoo on his body in the Ghajini first look photo of Aamir Khan where there was a random phone number written. But the phone number turned out to be of Dr. Surekha Verma, a resident of Kanjurmarg who started receiving a lot of calls abruptly asking for Aamir Khan. She switched off the phone and later came to know that her phone number was tattooed on Aamir’s biceps. However, Madhu Verma, the producer of the movie said they would apologize to Dr. Surekha Verma for the problem caused and would offer a new mobile connection which Dr. Verma told was fine.

Aamir Khans Ghajini biceps trouble a woman