Jumbo movie review

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I have been an ardent fan of Hollywood animation movies ranging from Shrek, Bee Movie, Madagascar and almost every big Hollywood animation movie. But the animation movies in India did not give me much hope for 3D animation movies in India but Jumbo has changed my view. Hanuman was a very good movie in terms of story but I would still not compare it to Hollywood animation movies because the quality of animation had a long way to go. I watched the Yashraj movie Roadside movie but it was much too Indianised and looked like they were trying to include Bollywood masala into an animation movie which was really pathetic. But Jumbo gives some sigh of relief.

Jumbo or Jaiveer is a baby elephant who dreams of following his missing father’s footsteps and becoming the royal elephant. He moves out in search of his missing father and meets with a female elephant (later his love interest in the movie), a messenger bird and a kindly elephant trainer. Then he becomes a war elephant and defends his kingdom against opponents.

Although it has taken a small step towards Hollywood animation movies, but it still seems to be directed to cater to an Indian audience which disappoints me a bit. I believe that animation movies much reach beyond boundaries and only then will they become popular. I have watched a lot of Hollywood animations and I do not remember any of them made specially attractive for western or US audience. I hope that in the next Bollywood animation venture it would be catering to a global audience but Jumbo is still a much better relief than the previous attempts by Bollywood in animation movies.

I would give this movie a rating of 2.5/5

Jumbo movie review