Lottery promo – Abhijeet Sawant

January 21, 2009 by  
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Sookhi promo of Abhjieet Sawant’s debut film Lottery has been released. Abhijeet was the winner of first Indian Idol and then he released albums which were very popular amongst the masses. He was looked as a youth Idol since then and so he has also tried to display his acting skills through his upcoming movie Lottery. The movie also features Mukesh Tiwari, Manisha Kelkar, Sanjay Narvekar and Rucha Gujarati. The music is directed by Santosh Singh and Sanjay Pathak while the director of the movie is Hemant Prabhu. Let us wait and see how the promotion of the movie is done because it is quite difficult for a Bollywood movie with no stars at all to sustain in this times of recession. The following is the Sookhi Sookhi song promo from the movie and it is quite catchy. Good luck Ahijeet!

Lottery promo   Abhijeet Sawant