Ghajini movie review

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Aamir Khan is also known as Mr. Perfectionist and he always portrays the characters in his movie to their skin. He is regarded by many as the best actor in Bollywood in terms of acitng. To add to that he only acts in a handful of movies and not more than one or two movies per year. That results in making an Aamir Khan movie nothing less than a festival and this year the release of Ghajini is a mega festival bundled with Christmas and New Year. The hype of the new Ghajini look of Aamir Khan is also very high and with more than 1100 prints Ghajini is almost sure to become a superhit.

However, apart from business does Ghajini also give all movie goers a worth of their money. Happily I can say that Aamir Khan has delivered the goods yet again. According to me this might be just one of his best acts till date. The movie has got a lot of violence but everybody knew it was an action flick and not the chocolate boy image of Aamir Khan. Many viewers are also saying that perhaps it is the best Bollywood movie in the past few years in terms of performance and storyline. The storyline is mostly the same as the Tamil Ghajini except for the climax but this Aamir version of Ghajini is just awesome. I am not saying about the tamil actor or his acting skills but Aamir Khan is a class apart as everybody knows. The movie is a revenge saga and the only small point that can be said is that it is a 3 hour long movie. But to tell the truth you cannot miss even a minute of the 3 hours as is expected from a Aamir Khan film. The screenplay and direction are excellent and director A. R. Murugadoss deserves accolades for sure. The music by A R Rehman is excellent as expected.

In the movie, Aamir Khan’s girlfriend Asin is violently murdered resulting in his memory loss. But Aamir tries to work around this short-term memory loss and avenge the murder of Asin. The storyline is not much different from the Tamil version except for the climax. Most people already knew the story long before the movie was released but it is the magic of Aamir Khan who can make a remake so exceptional. Aamir Khan is an actor par excellence and he has answered once again about the No. 1 actor in Bollywood through his acting. Ghajini is going to be superhit without even a tinge of doubt and if my predictions are right it might even become the biggest Bollywood grosser of all time. I would advice everybody to watch this movie without even a tinge of doubt. You will not only get the value of your money in this movie but a lot more than that.

I would give this movie a 4.5/5

Ghajini movie review